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Vajk, 06 Jan 2021

No Mayo on anything

Kiyan, 03 Jan 2021

Food was horrible nothing like I asked and was late and cold

Kyanne, 24 Dec 2020

Pizza was dry and didnt taste nice the nuggets was soggy kebab

Kyanne, 24 Dec 2020

I'm really a noywd about the site, I tried to pay as much as I could 29 short wodo close, why is it taking ages for em to even process I'm starving I just want food. I'm drunk I've had alot recently I don't need to no hassle I've not eat all day. Just enough to be fair and this a message basically for a guikrt but you know fuck the world do what your doing do what job your doing everyone's a cunt except myself and I love this cuz everyone thinks the same. Im sad tonight to be fair I start my voluntry job on the 2nd of December I have mental health, I've started college. And I just feel I'm trying to be as strong as I can with myself call me a wierdo. So what I've done is lock myself off to myself and people just cause me shit. Call it a mlife story but I'm a big believer in god and the aw, you know why because I'm b studying my entry levels to get to my gcse level a levels then I want to go to uni!. Can't wait. Have a good night guys glad that you've all had a goodnight hope you've got your works worth.

Marc, 30 Nov 2020

Ordered food at 2:45am and food hadn’t come by 4:15am after being told it would arrive by 3:50 am latest

Caitlin Cameronfraser, 03 Nov 2020


Gabriella, 02 Nov 2020


Gabriella, 02 Nov 2020


Didn't even turn up!

Tania, 07 Oct 2020

I wouldn’t ever recommend this food to anyone , not even my pet dog . It took over 1 hour and 50 mins to come and when it did come half my order was missing and it was freezing cold . When I rang up apparently it was my fault and didn’t receive a apology , never again .

Unkowm, 30 Sep 2020


Our food was burnt

Chloe, 15 Apr 2020

  Reply : Thanks for feedback and if you call in Takeway manager will send you again what you no like. We love are care our customers sorry for inconvenience

good food, good service